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for air contamination in Moscow
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загрязнение воздуха


Collected volume (bulletin) for air contamination in Moscow will be formed on the basis of results of this project.

Since 2005 we plan to issue the collected volume on a regular basis.

Бюллетень по загрязнению воздуха в Москве


Electronic version of the bulletin
(in Russian)

Preliminary content:
1. Air monitoring system in Moscow.
2. Main terms and definitions used.
3. Pecularities of meteorological observations in 2004.
4. General air pollution characteristic.
5. Moscow air pollution by automatic athmospheric pollution control stations data.
5.1. Air pollution by CO.
5.2. Air pollution by nitrogen oxides.
5.3. Air pollution by sulphur dioxide, ozone, and suspended substances.
5.4. Athmospheric air pollution by sum. hydrocarbons.
5.5. Air pollution by organic compositions.
6. Radioactive safety of Moscow city.
7. Comparision analisys of atmosphere pollution in big cities of the world.


Project developers:
Moscecomonitoring and
Steffen Robertson and Kirsten (UK) Limited

Проект осуществляется в рамках Программы малых проектов в сфере охраны окружающей среды (SEPS-3). Программа финансируется Министерством охраны окружающей среды, продовольствия и развития сельских районов Великобритании (Defra), руководство программой осуществляет Британский Совет

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