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The project goal is to discover target groups among organizations and wide public that have interested in environmental information and to create mechanisms of gathering, analysis, presentation and dissemination of environmental information targeted to these groups using UK experience.

Project Purposes:
1. Providing of city organizations and citizens with specialized information on air contamination in Moscow.
2. Public involvement into municipal environmental policy forming.
3. Development and permanent issuing of the collected volume (bulletin) named Air Pollution of Moscow that will include information on air contamination obtained from automatic control stations (24 stations) and from mobile laboratory of MosEcoMonitoring.

Public concern about ecological problems is growing up in geometrical progression under permanent increase of anthropogenic pressure on the environment in Moscow. At the same time specific information about different aspects of environmental condition in the city of Moscow is very limited. Specialized media are published very seldom and have limited circulations that cannot satisfy requirements of not only administrative, but also professional, commercial and public organizations. Creation and distribution of specialized volume about ambient air contamination in Moscow is aimed first of all to satisfy needs of public, professional, commercial, management organizations and citizens.

Environmental information is currently published in the following Russian media: "State report of environmental condition of Moscow" (1000 copies yearly), "Ecological Atlas of Moscow" (1000 copies occasionally), "The Red Book of Moscow" (5000 copies occasionally), "Parks of Moscow" (1000 copies occasionally). The exception is the "Prirodno-Resursnye Vedomosti" (Nature and Resources Information) newspaper, media of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russian Federation. This newspaper has circulation of 7000 copies (for Moscow region issue) weekly and contains a set of articles with news about current events of nature use and environmental protection. Specialized newspapers and regular publications with information on Moscow air quality and air contamination data are absent. Thus, realization of this project allows starting of the first open regular newsletter containing information about ambient air quality in Moscow.


Project developers:
Moscecomonitoring and
Steffen Robertson and Kirsten (UK) Limited

Проект осуществляется в рамках Программы малых проектов в сфере охраны окружающей среды (SEPS-3). Программа финансируется Министерством охраны окружающей среды, продовольствия и развития сельских районов Великобритании (Defra), руководство программой осуществляет Британский Совет

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